Northern Beaches Connections

God's church proclaiming His Kingdom to the world, with courage to move beyond the visible.


Bringing people and God together.

Connect Sunday

Northern Beaches Connections (NBC) is currently meeting each Sunday at The Green (North Shore Community Center), Iris Lane, Burdell. The service starts at 9:30am.

Up to date information about NBC's meeting points can be found on our Facebook Page

Connect Youth

Aftershock (Grades 7 - 12)

Teaching our youth all about the Good News of Jesus and instilling His Way of living into their lives. Our youth ministries are characterised by lots of fun, Biblical teaching and a supportive environment

Connect Life

Doing life together

We have various groups such as 'SSGs' and 'life groups' that are designed to grow us as disciples of Jesus. These encourage us to grow together through the regular study of Scripture and then living this Truth out in our lives

Connect Women

Salt Sisters

Fellowship, encouragement, teaching and fun specifically for women of all ages. This is an environment in which we seek to grow Godly women who are confident in their call, and empowered by God's Spirit

Connect Men

Pit Crew

Training our men of all ages to be sons, brothers, fathers and husbands after God's own heart. Our men gather together for good food, times of encouragement and mentoring and fun, in order to inspire them through God's Spirit

Connect Community

Our reachout events

We love to connect with our community by engaging in regular activities that add value and joy

Who are we?

Northern Beaches Connections (NBC) is a fellowship of Christians affiliated with the Queensland Baptist denomination. We connect with the express purpose of sharing the grace of God. We are a new kind of old church committed to engaging our community in a contemporary way, whilst holding on to the ancient truth of the Bible. We exist to celebrate God in all we do, to build authentic community with one another, and to make connections with the community around us.

What's with the Rhino?

Our symbol of faith is the Rhino, which is an example of courage and belief in action. A rhino can run at 30 miles an hour (50 km/h), but they can only see 30 feet (10m) in front of themselves. Their inability to see however, does not deter rhinos from charging ahead at full potential.

As a group committed to following Jesus, we know that we can’t see all that is in front of us, but we do know the One who does. He is standing beyond our vision, calling us to charge like the rhino at full pace, trusting Him to guide us beyond our capabilities.

A group of rhinos is called a crash and we strive to be a church that will ‘crash’ our community with the presence of Christ. We are called to live our lives with the courage to move beyond the visible. We call this ‘Vision 31’.

We value the eternal perspective above the external circumstances. We live to connect with God, connect with each other, and to connect with the Townsville Northern Beaches community.

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