God's church proclaiming His Kingdom to the world

with courage to move beyond the visible

Northern Beaches Connections (NBC) is a fellowship of Christians affiliated with the Queensland Baptist denomination. We connect with the express purpose of sharing the grace of God. We are a new kind of old church committed to engaging our community in a contemporary way, whilst holding on to the ancient truth of the Bible. We exist to celebrate God in all we do, to build authentic community with one another, and to make connections with the community around us.


Sunday 9:30am
(except Sunday Dec 24 and Dec 31)
(St. Anthony's College - Asisi Campus)


We love to celebrate the things of God. Our next celebration time will be on New Years Eve at the Green's. This will be a time of thankfulness for the year that has been but also looking forward with hope towards the year to come.


We had a wonderful time at our last community event, which was the 2017 Christmas Carols at Bushland Beach Park. Thanks to all those who came out and made this such a great event!


We believe that God has called us to disciple/teach others about Him. We love to do this through words but also through our lives. If you would like to know more, then please contact us.

The rhinoceros is an example of courage and faith in action. A rhino can run at 50 km/hr but can only see 30 feet (10m) in front of itself. However its inability to see does not deter it from charging ahead at full potential.

As a group committed to following Jesus Christ we know that we can't see all that is in front of us, but we do know the One who does. He is standing beyond our ability to see, calling us to charge like the rhino at full pace, trusting Him to guide us beyond our capabilities.

A group of rhino's is called a crash and we strive to be a fellowship that will crash our community with the presence of Christ. We are called to live our lives "...with courage to move beyond the visible." We are prepared to go the extra foot and into the not yet visible.

We call this VISION31.

Key Contacts

Pastor: Adrian Pratap (pastor@nbconline.org.au)

Administrator: Sandy Bill (admin@nbconline.org.au)

NBC News: Shelley Green (news@nbconline.org.au)

P.O. Box 416, Deeragun, QLD, 4818


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