We’ve recently come back from a little trip away to visit friends and family. We had a good time catching up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. We also had a great time reconnecting together as a family and playing together.

During the course of our trip away we drove our Nissan Patrol and towed our camper trailer. Over time however, I noticed that the Patrol was getting harder and harder to start. Eventually it got to the point I was dreading turning it off, not being exactly sure of whether it would start again or not.

Thankfully we were able to find the problem and isolate it to the primer pump. It just wasn’t up to the task and was leaking. Upon replacement, the Patrol now starts as expected.

Our spiritual lives can be like my Nissan. We need to be primed for the things of God because we suffer from a malaise that makes it difficult for us to get going. Our inherent desire is for ourselves and what we want. We are all fundamentally selfish and self-centred.

Yet the Gospel of Jesus Christ demonstrates a God who sacrificed Himself for those who didn’t deserve Him. Even more, for those who accept Him, He gives them His Spirit as a mark of acceptance and redemption and hope and help. Jesus is completely selfless in our lives.

Are you primed to fulfil your part in God’s plan? Once again I call all of us back to the throne room of our selfless God. Let us gather at His feet in prayer and submission to Him, so that we might be ready for His Word.

Prayer is the primer for our spirits. It is the opportunity to commune with our Father and to be orientated to His Way. May we be found where He expects us to be.

Grace and peace.

Ps. Adrian

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