There is no question that if our bodies don’t have any energy, then we become lethargic and unable to complete even the simplest tasks. This energy comes from consuming food, which nourishes our bodies for good work. If you don’t eat for long enough then your body will eventually die.

The same is true for our souls. When we don’t receive hope which is the fuel for our souls, we become spiritually barren and ineffective in God’s Kingdom. This hope comes from promises which by their nature, are based in future things. We do not hope in the past, but rather in what is going to happen in 10 minutes or 10 days or 10 months from now. Energy is what is required to make our human bodies go, but hope is what makes our souls go.

Just like we can have good food or junk food, the same is true for promises. Our 21st century western society promises much, and it is often related to a quick buzz and fix, rather than a soul sustaining nourishment. The devil is very aware of our soul’s need for promises and that’s why this fallen world we live in markets junk promises everywhere! They’re attractively packaged and tasty and convenient and easy, yet they only satisfy for a short time. Then, just like after a sugar high, our souls come crashing down ready for the next quick hit of junk promises. These false hits of hope can ruin our appetite for the real thing.

Matthew 4:4 (ESV)
4 But he answered, “It is written,
“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

God’s Word is the record of the promises of God. It is this ‘bread’ that our souls need not only for a short term spiritual high now, but for sustained spiritual energy and usefulness into the future. This is the ‘healthy food’ that the Lord has provided for us so that we might not just exist from one meaningless promise to the next, but to rather thrive on the very Word of God alone.

I encourage you dear brothers and sisters to hone your appetite for this ‘Bread of Life’. May you consume your fill of God’s promises, so that your hope will be sure and your faith strong. This is the stuff that puts fear into the heart of the devil! There is nothing more formidable on this Earth than a child of God who is fed by the Word of God and empowered by His Holy Spirit.


Ps. Adrian

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