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So I lost my sunglasses this week (don’t ask me how – I really don’t know – suddenly they were gone). On Tuesday, Isaac and I ventured to Stocklands to try and replace them. We wandered into Big W and I started trying some on (Isaac was very helpful in letting me know which ones were nice and which ones were not). Soon after, he wanted to try some on too. I decided to indulge him and we ended up purchasing the ones he has on in this picture. Now every time we go out, he has to wear them. He even fell asleep in the car with them on.

His actions got me thinking though, especially in light of the sermon on Sunday about authentic disciples. You see, Isaac copies a lot of people. He mimics Abby, he copies the guys on the setup crew on Sunday to help pack up; even his sunglasses choice was probably because he may have seen someone else wearing some like them (*cough* Tim *cough*).

We often emulate people or trends in order to find belonging – if we talk, dress and act a certain way, people can tell where we have come from or where we belong. Often, we make judgements about others by the way they act or dress, enabling us to see where they “fit in” in our world.

On Sunday, Adrian reminded us that an authentic disciple has their will surrendered to Christ’s. It means that He is boss. In Jewish culture, disciples of Rabbis would take their discipleship so seriously that they would emulate their Rabbi’s mannerisms, to the point where some would even change their walk to be like their master’s.

So the question is, am I sold out to Christ’s Lordship?

And if so, do I copy people or trends or do I fashion my life to reflect my Lord and Saviour’s?

Our behaviour, our words and our actions should reflect where we belong. When people look at you and me, do they see Christ? If we are truly following Him, let us surrender to His Spirit to mould and change us to be more like Him. As we do that, hopefully He can use our discipleship to show the world His love and grace.


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